Takamul Investment Company was formed in 2006 to develop a sustainable downstream chain to support Oman’s thriving industrial sector. The company’s primary objective is to promote and invest in value-added economically viable projects that feed off local upstream industries that include metals, petro-chemicals and minerals.

Takamul Investment Company’s approach to partnering new downstream ventures is opening Omani doors to local and international manufacturers keen to capitalise on the exciting opportunities that the ever-expanding industrial sector has to offer.By linking the country’s mega projects with existing entrepreneurial entities, Takamul aims to forge fruitful and rewarding relationships both locally and internationally that will support the steady advance of industry and manufacturing in Oman.

Takamul’s long-term vision to support a thriving and modern downstream chain for the heavy industry sector offers potential joint venture partners unparalleled opportunities to have a competitive edge in the region’s industrial arena.

By optimising the involvement of upstream partners and demonstrating economic growth through the creation of technically viable and environmentally responsible joint venture companies, the downstream chain will form a major component of the Sultanate’s progressive strategy for the future.

The inclusion of cutting-edge technology coupled with advanced manufacturing techniques and international-standard management practices will guarantee that this flourishing sector creates ongoing benefits for not only the joint venture partners but also Oman and its people.

The Sultanate’s world class infrastructure and attractive investment incentives have paved the way for Oman’s transformation into a dynamic, modern international business centre. Takamul’s flexible approach to potential new partnership coupled with such transformation offers a wealth of exciting prospects in the nation’s industrial sector … and truly endless possibilities.

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